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4.5 / 5 - GamingCypher
"Overall, Decay - The Mare is a lot of spooky fun and even addicting [] Well done!"

4/5 - Gameindustry
"[] Decay - The Mare still has it where it counts, creating a brilliantly paced horror game with a rare covert feeling of terror that any fan of the genre should play."

9.0/10 - GameCritic
"Great story, great sounds and just great."

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(released in 2010-2011 exclusively on Xbox 360)

Decay - Part 4 (Final):

This is the last game of the Decay series. With multiple endings, it's up to the player how the story will end. Unlock all the extras and get your personal code for the new soundtrack.

Decay - Part 3:

The sequel to Decay - Part 2 on Xbox Live Indie Games.

Decay - Part 2:

The sequel to Decay - Part 1 on Xbox Live Indie Games.

Decay - Part 1 Soundtrack

The soundtrack for Decay - Part 1 is available for download.
This is a bonus feature for all players who have bought Decay - Part 1.
Click here to download.

Decay - Part 1:

The first part of the Decay story, released on Xbox Live Indie Games.

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